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useEffect for handling side effects

03/17/20205 Min Read — In React, useEffect

Introduction React offers several hooks and one you'll encounter almost certainly, even when building the most basic app, is the useEffect hook. However, it is not only very commonly used, it's also…

My own React presentation tool

06/29/20194 Min Read — In React, Workshops

Introduction For my React workshops I use MDX-Deck as my presentation tool. MDX-Deck is a React application which let's you write your slides in MDX, a combination of M ark D own and JS X…

Day 4 - Render props

05/17/20194 Min Read — In 100 days of code, React, render props

Render what? Render props is one of the React patterns that was on my "React To Do list" for some time. So today I decided to check out what the pattern is and to experiment with it. As soon as I…

My React workshops

05/15/20193 Min Read — In React, Workshops, Personal

This year I started giving React workshops. In this blog post I want to share with you how I got into this and why and how I am doing this. I have always enjoyed giving talks. In the past, I gave…