I am Bouwe, an enthusiastic and experienced software engineer at New Nexus in the Groningen area, The Netherlands.

Besides my daily job of developing .NET applications in C#, I am learning React.js by teaching it to others.

You can contact me on Twitter or find my code on GitHub.

Latest blog posts

Using Twitter for blog commenting

04/18/20202 Min Read — In Blogging

Many blogs offer the opportunity to comment on blog posts within the blog site itself. However, I think it's better to use Twitter for this. Blog comments are only visible on the blog itself, so you…

useEffect for handling side effects

03/17/20205 Min Read — In React, useEffect

Introduction React offers several hooks and one you'll encounter almost certainly, even when building the most basic app, is the useEffect hook. However, it is not only very commonly used, it's also…

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